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    “Our schools are consistently amazed to see how easy it is to start using ICOS courses with their students. Their performance and progress is very substantial and I am very happy to recommend ICOS to any school or organization that wants to see significant improvement in their students English language capability.”

    − Dr. R. Mark Beadle, Director of Online program Sevenstar Academy, USA

    I can highly recommend ICOS to any ESL teacher who is looking for a program that will individualize second language learning. The topics chosen for study were relevant and practical and I loved how the program gave instant feedback through the use of automated scoring for exercises. ICOS allows a teacher to monitor a student’s progress very closely which I found to be a real benefit. It is a very worthwhile addition to any ESL study.”

    − Joanne Robideau, ESL teacher Heritage Christian School, Kelowna BC, Canada

    “In our online school program here in British Columbia we are pleased to use the ICOS English Course. They require no arduous exercises, no tiresome memory drills, and no heartless practicing. The lessons are easy to navigate because they follow a natural progression. Our student’s joyfully and easily move from lesson to lesson without the pressure of schedules or rote learning. Our ESL team loves the program and our students are mastering their English learning all through an online environment.”

    − Kevin White, Former Principal South Island Distance Education School, Victoria BC, Canada

    ICOS ESL online curriculum is a great fit for my multi-level ESL classroom. It allows for flexible learning for my students as they work independently or collaborate on lesson assignments and advance or review at their own pace. Thematic lessons are both high-interest and relevant featuring Canadian content that has helped my international students feel more connected to our Canadian culture. Listening activities engage students and challenge them to understand the natural flow of spoken English, and the dialogues, idiomatic language and phrasal verbs all have helped students as they work to communicate effectively in and outside the classroom.The Biblical focus of each lesson presents students with the opportunity to read and reflect on Scripture and is an opportunity to share and discuss God's wisdom and the love of Christ for them. Students of all levels have become more confident and capable in their reading and writing skills as they build vocabulary and learn how to use featured grammar structures to communicate effectively. The higher level students also work to improve their academic reading and writing skills by writing precis, journals and essays. ICOS ESL Online curriculum has been a great tool in helping my students become more fluent and successful in both their ESL and academic classrooms.

    − Cathy Petrie, ESL Instructor, Halifax Christian Academy